Freelance Copywriting

“I know what I want to say….I just don’t know how to WRITE it!”

The rapid expansion of e-mail, the Internet, and Social Media have made clear and professional communication via the written word extraordinarily critical. For businesses engaging with customers, an elected official articulating a key position, or an organization urging its members to action, the power of great writing cannot be overstated.

Rayman Communications gathers as much information as possible before drafting any document on behalf of a client. We consider the intended audience, the timing of the communication, and the medium in which it is delivered. Rayman Communications then takes the anticipated message of our client, distills that message to its core essence, and provides meaningful copy that changes minds and behaviors.

From the sternest of opinion pieces to the liveliest of CEO speeches; from the briefest Facebook or Twitter update to the “wordiest” feature article; from a logical operations manual to a standout brochure for a new product, trust Rayman Communications to convey your message quickly and expertly.